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February 28, 2012

5 presentations that will help you get started with Google+

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When Google+ pages launched, I had serious doubts (Dutch article) about the added value Google’s social network had related to Facebook, LinkedIn, and well, pretty much any other network in the social media sphere. Now, at InSites Consulting we’ve chosen to not put a lot of effort in this social network, we are choosing other platforms to focus on. But, we always feel we need to stay up to date with what’s going on. And… we’re a huge fan of SlideShare, as you might know. Here’s 5 presentations that will help you get started with Google+. On SlideShare, of course:

1 SocialMotus: Creating a Google+ account

2 Ford: What Google+ means for marketers

3 Braingain: Why you need to use Google+

4 Gagegroup: Google+ for marketing executives

5 @Ross: Visual Guide to Circles in Google+


Siv Rauv
Siv Rauv 

Thanks for sharing our presentation! But of course Google have completely revamped their social network again and we can expect a lot more changes to come. They seem to be trying to take the best parts of rival networks like Facebook (cover photo) and Twitter (trends).

Matthijs van den Broek
Matthijs van den Broek 

Ha Siv, you are so right, thank you for your comment. We really need to write a blogpost about the new stats (should be 170 million users right now) and the new design. Very curious about the integration of all other Google products in Google +, I have the feeling they are “closing the net” around us to force users of other products to use +. Not a real problem, just an observation.

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