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June 15, 2011

Twitter more engaging than Facebook

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Twitter users are more mobile than other social media users (on Facebook, LinkedIn). Forty-three percent of Twitter users access Twitter via phone and 9% access Twitter via tablet. Ok, so Twitter users are geeky early adopters, right? Even more interesting: 56% of those who follow a brand on Twitter indicated they are “more likely” to make a purchase of the brand’s products compared to a 47% lift for those who “Like” a brand on Facebook. These results come from a research done by Compete, via MarketingCharts.

According to Compete, this is further evidence that marketers can drive ROI with Twitter by engaging followers through compelling content. Yes, it’s about content. And yes, Twitter is not just the virtual copy of bartalk. It’s an engaging platform, we’ve said so before and will continue to do so. Take a look at this chart:

Twitter followers are much more likely to use the microblogging platform for “updates on future products” (84% to 60%). Clearly, Compete writes, Twitter is viewed as a medium in which consumers can directly communicate with the stewards of the brands they are most interested in.


Join the Ultimate Twitter Study 2 | The Conversati
Join the Ultimate Twitter Study 2 | The Conversati 

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Junita Sorrentino
Junita Sorrentino 

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